From the World Literature

  title={From the World Literature},
  author={David Damrosch},
  journal={Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy},
LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS ix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xi INTRODUCTION: Goethe Coins a Phrase 1 PART ONE: CIRCULATION Chapter 1: Gilgamesh's Quest 39 Chapter 2: The Pope's Blowgun 78 Chapter 3: From the Old World to the Whole World 110 PART TWO: TRANSLATION Chapter 4: Love in the Necropolis 147 Chapter 5: The Afterlife of Mechthild von Magdeburg 170 Chapter 6: Kafka Comes Home 187 PART THREE: PRODUCTION Chapter 7: English in the World 209 Chapter 8: Rigoberta Menchu in Print 231 Chapter 9: The Poisoned Book… Expand
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