From the Patriarchs to Moses II. Moses out of Egypt

  title={From the Patriarchs to Moses II. Moses out of Egypt},
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Circular Reasoning in Climate Change Research

A literature review shows that the circular reasoning fallacy is common in climate change research. It is facilitated by confirmation bias and by activism such that the prior conviction of

Social network analysis of the biblical Moses

  • S. Massey
  • Computer Science
    Appl. Netw. Sci.
  • 2016
Here, social network analysis approaches are used to characterize the figure of the biblical Moses, and his relationship with characters from the books of the Pentateuch; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,

Camels, Copper and Donkeys in the Early Iron Age of the Southern Levant: Timna Revisited

Abstract The camel and equid remains from a copper-smelting site — Site 30 at Timna in the southern Arabah excavated by Rothenberg in the 1970s and recently re-dated to the Iron I/Iron II — are