From the Madhouse to the Docu-Museum

  title={From the Madhouse to the Docu-Museum},
  author={Elisabetta Sirgiovanni and Alessandro Aruta},
  journal={Nuncius-journal of The History of Science},
The first electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) device for the treatment of psychiatric disorders was introduced in 1938 by Ugo Cerletti and Lucio Bini, two neuropsychiatrists at the Clinic for Nervous and Mental Diseases, La Sapienza University (Rome). No trace of what became of this device after its use at the clinic can be found until the 1960s, when it appears in a silent black-and-white video dedicated to the university’s recently rehoused and completely renovated Museum of the History of… 
The electroshock triangle: disputes about the ECT apparatus prototype and its display in the 1960s
The disputes around the display of the electroshock apparatus prototype in the summer of 1964 are explored and new light is shed on the triangle of personalities that shaped its future: Karl and William Menninger, two key figures of American psychiatry in Topeka; their competitor, Adalberto Pazzini, the founder of the Sapienza Museum of the History of Medicine in Rome.
Implications from translational cross-validation of clinical assessment tools for diagnosis and treatment in psychiatry
The current review is focused on the translational approach in the management of schizophrenia and mood disorders, as well as the adaptation of new transdisciplinary diagnostic tools such as neuroimaging with concurrently administered psychopathological questionnaires and integration of the results into the therapeutic framework using various advanced instrumental biomedical tools.