From the IFLA Bureau for International Lending

  title={From the IFLA Bureau for International Lending},
  journal={IFLA Journal},
  pages={310 - 314}
  • Published 1984
  • IFLA Journal
The IFLA Office for International Lending has now been collecting statistics of international lending on a regular basis since 1977,’-~’~ and these have proved invaluable both in terms of their role in providing a basis for monitoring and planning the improvement of international lending and also for their use in specific studies such as that recently carried out on present and future patterns of international provision and supply 5.6 . The figures collected will in many cases be imcomplete and… Expand


International Lending Statistics: Results of a Pilot Survey, and Proposals for the Future Collection of Information
  • 1977
in particular, dependence on particular sources of supply. It can help to identify weaknesses in the system, for instance problems in obtaining certain categories of material. It encourages theExpand
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Notes * Statistics cover the period