From public to planetary health: a manifesto

  title={From public to planetary health: a manifesto},
  author={Richard C. Horton and Robert Beaglehole and Ruth Bonita and John M. Raeburn and Martin Mckee and Stig Wall},
  journal={The Lancet},

Calling for a planetary and one health vision for global health

A manifesto for planetary health

Global Health and Planetary Health: perspectives for a transition to a more sustainable world post COVID-19.

The manuscript advocates for an innovative approach that simultaneously broader awareness of the interconnected problems and of their complex causes and calls for emancipatory knowledge to face urgent challenges for a transdisciplinary research agenda aiming to tackle enormous planetary problems brought by the Anthropocene.

Sustaining planetary health through systems thinking: Public health's critical role

A manifesto for planetary health

1 requires nothing less than a global treaty. The call for a collective manifesto to transform global public health, while opportune, is destined not to see the light of day without off ering a

Sustaining planetary health in the Anthropocene

The inextricable link between global environmental change and human health has gained attention as we witness increasingly catastrophic weather events and widespread environmental degradation wrought

Culture and health