From public to planetary health: a manifesto

  title={From public to planetary health: a manifesto},
  author={Richard C. Horton and Robert Beaglehole and Ruth Bonita and John M. Raeburn and Martin Mckee and Stig Wall},
  journal={The Lancet},

Calling for a planetary and one health vision for global health

Global Health and Planetary Health: perspectives for a transition to a more sustainable world post COVID-19.

The manuscript advocates for an innovative approach that simultaneously broader awareness of the interconnected problems and of their complex causes and calls for emancipatory knowledge to face urgent challenges for a transdisciplinary research agenda aiming to tackle enormous planetary problems brought by the Anthropocene.

Sustaining planetary health through systems thinking: Public health's critical role

A manifesto for planetary health

1 requires nothing less than a global treaty. The call for a collective manifesto to transform global public health, while opportune, is destined not to see the light of day without off ering a

Culture and health

Public health guide to field developments linking ecosystems, environments and health in the Anthropocene

A guide to seven field developments in environmental public health research and practice: occupational and environmental health; political ecology of health; environmental justice; ecohealth; One Health; ecological public health; and planetary health.