From precautionary principle to risk–risk analysis

  title={From precautionary principle to risk–risk analysis},
  author={Indur M Goklany},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
  • I. Goklany
  • Published 1 November 2002
  • Business, Medicine
  • Nature Biotechnology
• NOVEMBER 2002 • VOLUME 20 • nature biotechnology Both proponents and opponents of the precautionary principle have often argued that it substitutes for risk analysis. The principle itself received a ringing endorsement when The New York Times Magazine's year-end review of the best ideas of 2001 hailed it as " revolutionary , " suggesting that it offered a superior approach to managing potential risks associated with new technologies (or actions or policies) than the risk-analysis paradigm… Expand
A framework for applying the precautionary principle to transfusion safety.
  • K. Wilson
  • Business, Medicine
  • Transfusion medicine reviews
  • 2011
This article provides a guide to applying precaution to matters of transfusion safety by determining the strength of evidence required to apply a protective measure and the extent of the protective measure applied. Expand
Application of the Precautionary Principle By Senior Policy Officials: Results of a Canadian Survey
Overall, the majority of respondents viewed the precautionary principle as having a significant and positive impact on risk management decisions, and endorsed a net result of more good than harm to society when the precautionarian principle was applied to the management of risk. Expand
Problems with precaution: the transfusion medicine experience
The findings indicate that transfusion transmission mitigation strategies have become increasingly aggressive in the face of theoretical risks and policy-makers should consider the implementation of frameworks to guide the appropriate application of precaution in transfusion medicine in the future. Expand
Can the Precautionary Principle Manage Risks Effectively ?
In the past two centuries, despite — or is it because of ? —economic growth and technological change, life threatening risks have one by one been reduced or eliminated in the world’s richer nationsExpand
A Review of Brazilian Courts understanding of the “Precautionary Principle” in Biotechnology Law. Doi: 10.5020/2317-2150.2014.v19n3p839
The aim of this essay is to analyse how Brazilian Courts are interpreting the Precautionary Principle concerning biotechnology or the so-called bio-engineered food and new drugs, or, in a genericExpand
The Precautionary Principle in Patent Law: A View from Canada
The precautionary principle (PP) has rapidly emerged as a staple of international environmental law and attempts have been made to extend it into other fields. This article examines whether the PPExpand
Donor iron nutrition: Which precaution prevails?
Despite consensus being elusive as to the principleʼs overall value, agreements did emerge that interventions to decrease risks might increase others, a caution that this commentary will visit later. Expand
Emission Permits as a Monetary Policy Tool: Is it Feasible? Is it Ethical?
The price of emission permits is deemed too low to mitigate climate change. In three studies, policy approaches to pricing carbon in a market setting are examined. First, the emission permit marketExpand
Risk management in transfusion after the HIV blood contamination crisis in France: the impact of the precautionary principle.
The aim of this study was to analyze the interpretations of the application of the precautionary principle to determine its consequences in terms of risk management and patient rights by interviewing persons involved in transfusion medicine. Expand
Risk‐based decision making in transfusion medicine
The evolution of the use of risk‐based decision making is described and the elements that should be considered in its application to blood system issues are discussed. Expand


The precautionary principle : a critical appraisal of environmental risk assessment
The precautionary principle - the environmental version of the admonition "first, do no harm" - is now enshrined in numerous international environmental agreements, including treaties addressingExpand
Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Implementing the Precautionary Principle
Review: Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Implementing the Precautionary Principle By Carolyn Raffesperger and Joel Tickner, eds. Reviewed by Susan Maret University of Colorado, Denver,Expand
The nature of biotechnology.
  • E. Hall
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of biomedical engineering
  • 1988
This review introduces the multidisciplinary subject of biotechnology and the exploitation of the 'biomolecule'. The author describes practical applications of micro-organisms and biologicallyExpand
New York Times Sunday Magazine 9 May
  • New York Times Sunday Magazine 9 May
  • 2001
The precautionary principle