From orientation movement to space navigation: Toward a novel explorative model


Space navigation is rendezvousing craft to reach its intended destination with a proper velocity vector and in scheduled time. Alleviating the restrictions imposed by power based payload on maneuvering has been a research hotspot in these communities and it has been a longtime standing challenge for craft to execute accurate flight missions according to implementable navigation operations out of deep space where recognizable references are difficult to establish. Most of the present solutions rely on high-cost and low-efficiency space communication and navigation to assist the journey of crafts in deep space. This paper is to investigate a mapping model dedicated to navigating crafts in deep space. The model has been studied and developed from a conventional technique known as Orientation Movement (or called Directional Movement) in other research fields, such as botany, biology, kinematics, electrochemistry, and commercial science. The paper demonstrates the feasibility of using the model to establish an effective navigation mechanism for orientation movements in deep space.

DOI: 10.1109/IConAC.2016.7604968

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