From offshore outsourcing to insourcing and partnerships: four failed outsourcing attempts

  title={From offshore outsourcing to insourcing and partnerships: four failed outsourcing attempts},
  author={Nils Brede Moe and Darja Smite and Geir Kjetil Hanssen and Hamish T. Barney},
  journal={Empirical Software Engineering},
Most large software companies are involved in offshore development, now small- and medium-sized companies are starting to undertake global sourcing too. Empirical research suggests that offshoring is not always successful; however, only a few comprehensive failure stories have been reported. The objective of our study has been to understand why small and medium-sized companies terminate their offshore outsourcing relationships and what alternative arrangements they undertake afterwards… 

Offshore Outsourcing Costs: Known or Still Hidden?

It is concluded that pilots are useful to understand the key problem areas in an offshoring collaboration, but too limited to shed light on all potential problems due to the short timeframe, and that results of pilot projects shall not be the only data source when calculating the true costs of Offshoring.

Exploring the outsourcing relationship in software startups: A multiple case study

It is proposed that early contract-based activities could be transformed into a long-term partnership by adopting a startup boundary spanner's role, establishing an inter-personal relationship and maintaining a mutual commitment.

Empirical Investigation of Success Factors for Establishing Software Outsourcing Partnership from Vendor ’ s Perspective

Find and analyse those factors that are considered significant for vendors in conversion of their existing outsourcing contractual relationship to partnership in order to attain partner position with their clients in software development outsourcing business.

Barriers to Software Outsourcing Partnership Formation: An Exploratory Analysis

The association of various barriers with SOP formation is found statistically significant for twenty-five barriers with effect size and stakeholders in SOP should address all the listed barriers especially the critical ones to attain a partner position.

Systematic Literature Review of Critical Barriers to Software Outsourcing Partnership

Software Outsourcing Partnership (SOP) is a type of an alliance based on sharing benefits and risks between client and vendor. SOP is an emerging outsourcing model and is different to ordinary

The project of insourcing before the project of outsourcing: extension of the De Boer’s algorithm

Traditional approaches to outsourcing are commonly biased towards the outsourcing decision and consequently become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Departments destined for outsourcing are picked by

Success Factors for Software Outsourcing Partnership Management: An Exploratory Study Using Systematic Literature Review

The overarching target of this exploratory paper is to analyze a list of factors that are considered important for vendors in the renovation of their surviving contractual outsourcing relationship to a partnership, through a systematic literature review (SLR) process.

Making the Sourcing Decision of Software Maintenance and Information Technology

It is shown that how the critical success factors impact the IT as well the software maintenance in global delivery perspective inglobal delivery perspective.

A framework for offshore vendor capability development

Offshore outsourcing is a common practice conducted by companies, especially in developed countries, by relocating one or more their business processes to other companies abroad, especially in



From Offshore Outsourcing to Offshore Insourcing: Three Stories

The stories of three Scandinavian medium-sized software companies that have terminated their offshore outsourcing relationships and changed to offshore insourcing arrangements are explored, with the main reason for termination being disappointing low quality of the software delivered.

Getting offshoring right.

This article outlines the tools that will help companies choose the right processes to offshore and describes a new organizational structure called the extended organization, in which companies specify the quality of services they want and work alongside providers to get that quality.

It backsourcing: from 'make or buy' to 'bringing it back in-house'

An exploratory study identifies some recent examples where companies have made the decision to backsource, surfacing the rationale behind those decisions and an analysis of the data, an end-to-end model for the outsourcing process is presented.

Optimizing Supplier Management in Global Software Engineering

  • C. Ebert
  • Business
    International Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE 2007)
  • 2007
Global software engineering is the consequence of the rather friction-free economic principles of the entire software industry. Many companies start global software engineering (GSE) due to perceived

Global outsourcing of back office services: lessons, trends, and enduring challenges

Purpose – To identify key lessons, trends and enduring challenges with global outsourcing of back office services.Design/methodology/approach – The authors extract lessons, project trends, and

Synching or Sinking: Global Software Outsourcing Relationships

The authors investigate the strategies that differentiate successful and unsuccessful value chain moves in the global software outsourcing industry.

Empirical evidence in global software engineering: a systematic review

By conducting a systematic review of empirical evidence in GSE-related research literature, it is observed that the GSE field is still immature and the amount of empirical studies is relatively small.

Offshoring Information Technology: Sourcing and Outsourcing to a Global Workforce

Preface Part I. The Fundamentals: 1. The offshore landscape 2. Offshore economics and offshore risks 3. Beginning the offshore journey 4. The offshore country menu Part II. Managerial Competency: 5.