From numerical quadrature to Padé approximation

  title={From numerical quadrature to Pad{\'e} approximation},
  author={Claude Brezinski},
The paper reviews the relation between Padé-type approximants of a power series and interpolatory quadrature formulas with free nodes, and that between Padé approximants and Gaussian quadrature methods. Quadrature methods are well-known. They are used for obtaining an approximate value of a definite integral, and are described in any book of numerical analysis. In this talk, we will show that Padé–type approximants could be interpreted as quadrature formulas with free nodes for the special… CONTINUE READING


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It could also be interesting to study Padé–type approximants based on other sets of points, as those used in Gauss–Radau, Gauss–Lobatto, or Féjer formulas

  • It could also be interesting to study Padé–type…

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