From midwife to Peace Corps volunteer: a Baby Boomer's journey in Honduras.

  • Deborah Drew
  • Published 2006 in Midwifery today with international midwife


Knowledge can transcend borders, and midwife and Peace Corps volunteer Deborah Drew is living proof of this. Having practiced midwifery in the U.S. for 25 years, Deborah, along with her husband, is now serving in the Peace Corps as a health volunteer in Honduras. Using the expertise she garnered throughout her career in the U.S., she has been working primarily in the village's local maternity center with nurses and pregnant women, but also in the community with local midwives. Deborah, 59, of Peace Dale, Rhode Island, is working to improve the education level and working conditions for the midwives in her village. To that end, she has written a community partnership grant proposal in hopes of helping to form midwifery support groups that can be used as a vehicle for sharing experiences, disseminating materials, teaching (with the focus on self-education) and increasing self-esteem. Here is what Deborah has to say, in her own words.

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