From large-scale environment to CGM angular momentum to star forming activities -- II: quenched galaxies

  title={From large-scale environment to CGM angular momentum to star forming activities -- II: quenched galaxies},
  author={Shengdong Lu and Da Xu and Sen Wang and Zheng Cai and Chuan He and C. Kevin Xu and Xiao-yang Xia and Shude Mao and Volker Springel and Lars E. Hernquist},
The gas needed to sustain star formation in galaxies is supplied by the circumgalactic medium (CGM), which in turn is affected by accretion from large scales. In a series of two papers, we examine the interplay between a galaxy’s ambient CGM and central star formation within the context of the large-scale environment. We use the IllustrisTNG-100 simulation to show that the influence exerted by the large-scale galaxy environment on the CGM gas angular momentum results in either enhanced (Paper I… 

Cold Gas in Massive Galaxies as a Critical Test of Black Hole Feedback Models

Black hole feedback has been widely implemented as the key recipe to quench star formation in massive galaxies in modern semianalytic models and hydrodynamical simulations. As the theoretical details…

The Origin of the Relation Between Stellar Angular Momentum and Stellar Mass in Nearby Disk-dominated Galaxies

The IllustrisTNG simulations reproduce the observed scaling relation between the stellar specific angular momentum (sAM) j s and mass M s of central galaxies. We show that the local j s–M s relation…



Gas Accretion and Star-Formation Rates with IFUs and Background Quasars

Star-forming galaxies (SFGs) are forming stars at a regular pace, forming the so-called main sequence (MS). However, all studies of their gas content show that their gas reservoir ought to be…

Gas Accretion and Angular Momentum

In this chapter, we review the role of gas accretion to the acquisition of angular momentum, both in galaxies and in their gaseous halos. We begin by discussing angular momentum in dark matter halos,…

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