From imperial discussion to transnational debate. The Commonwealth journal The Round Table and the Indo-Pakistani partition, 1947–1957

  title={From imperial discussion to transnational debate. The Commonwealth journal The Round Table and the Indo-Pakistani partition, 1947–1957},
  author={Jens Norrby},
  journal={History of European Ideas},
  pages={25 - 40}
  • J. Norrby
  • Published 2019
  • History
  • History of European Ideas
ABSTRACT The political shockwaves from the partition of India and Pakistan were felt far beyond the local tragedies that followed in its wake – not least in British imperial politics, where the two new Dominions and the subsequent reorganisation of the Commonwealth drastically altered the character of the imperial machinery. This article covers the first decade of Pakistan’s and India’s independence through the activity of the Commonwealth journal The Round Table. Through studying the… Expand


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