From hundreds to thousands: Widening the normal human Urinome (1).

  title={From hundreds to thousands: Widening the normal human Urinome (1).},
  author={Laura Santucci and Giovanni Candiano and Andrea Petretto and Maurizio Bruschi and Chiara Lavarello and Elvira Inglese and Pier Giorgio Righetti and Gian Marco Ghiggeri},
  journal={Journal of proteomics},
UNLABELLED It is currently unknown how many proteins can be detected in urine. Improving the analytical approach would increase their number and potentially strengthen their predictive potential in diseases. We developed a combination of analytical procedures for maximizing sensitivity and reproducibility of normal human urinary proteome analysis based on ultracentrifugation, vesicles separation, combinatorial peptide ligand libraries (CPLL) and solvent removal of pigments. Proteins were… CONTINUE READING

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