From computers to ubiquitous computing by 2010: health care.

  title={From computers to ubiquitous computing by 2010: health care.},
  author={Omer Aziz and Benny P. L. Lo and Julien Pansiot and Louis Atallah and G. Yang and A. Darzi},
  journal={Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences},
  volume={366 1881},
Over the past decade, miniaturization and cost reduction in semiconductors have led to computers smaller in size than a pinhead with powerful processing abilities that are affordable enough to be disposable. Similar advances in wireless communication, sensor design and energy storage have meant that the concept of a truly pervasive 'wireless sensor network', used to monitor environments and objects within them, has become a reality. The need for a wireless sensor network designed specifically… CONTINUE READING
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