From affine A4 to affine H2: group-theoretical analysis of fivefold symmetric tilings.

  title={From affine A4 to affine H2: group-theoretical analysis of fivefold symmetric tilings.},
  author={Nazife Ozdes Koca and Ramazan Koc and Mehmet Koca and Rehab Al-Reasi},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section A, Foundations and advances},
  volume={78 Pt 3},
The projections of lattices may be used as models of quasicrystals, and the particular affine extension of the H2 symmetry as a subgroup of A4, discussed in this work, presents a different perspective on fivefold symmetric quasicrystallography. Affine H2 is obtained as the subgroup of affine A4. The infinite discrete group with local dihedral symmetry of order 10 operates on the Coxeter plane of the root and weight lattices of A4 whose Voronoi cells tessellate the 4D Euclidean space possessing… 

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