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From a different perspective we have : The theory of Probabilistic Metric Space ( Menger ,

  title={From a different perspective we have : The theory of Probabilistic Metric Space ( Menger ,},
  author={Costas A. Drossos},
The well known results on the inner limitations of classical mathematics (L6wenheim-Skolem Theorems, and G6del's Theorems) and the introduction of a host of new set-like concepts, indicate the presence of something which is beyond the grasp of Cantorian set theory. In different ways each limitation expresses a basic uncertainty in Mathematics. GOdel's Theorems essentially express the following: Either we restrict ourselves to classical mathem0tical objects and their axiomatic description, and… 



Topoi and Categories of Fuzzy Sets

Any topos can be considered as a generalization of model theory, mostly for theorems which originally have been intended for interpretation in classical set valued models only.

Topoi and categories of fuzzy sets

Nonstandard Methods in Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Physics

3. H. Davenport, Cubic forms in sixteen variables, Proc. Roy. Soc. London Ser. A 272 (1963), 285-303. 4. H. Davenport and H. Heilbronn, On indefinite quadratic forms in five variables, J. London

Cantorian set theory and limitation of size

Cantor's ideas formed the basis for set theory and also for the mathematical treatment of the concept of infinity. The philosophical and heuristic framework he developed had a lasting effect on

The Problem of Vague Predicates

Michael Dummett and Crispin Wright1 consider the following puzzle. Imagine a series of coloured patches, beginning with a red patch. Suppose, moreover, that the colour from patch to patch changes

The syntax of nonstandard analysis

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Boolean powers and stochastic spaces, Submitted

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Internal Set Theory, a new approach to NSA

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