From a ‘Terrorist’ Group to a ‘Civil Defence’ Corps: The ‘Transformation’ of the Kosovo Liberation Army

  title={From a ‘Terrorist’ Group to a ‘Civil Defence’ Corps: The ‘Transformation’ of the Kosovo Liberation Army},
  author={Alpaslan {\"O}zerdem},
  journal={International Peacekeeping},
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The Kosovo Liberation Army, which was regarded as a ‘terrorist’ group in the early 1990s, has now been ‘transformed’ into the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) with the primary objective of protecting this war-torn province against ‘natural’ disasters. The creation of a ‘civilian’, uniformed and ‘multi-ethnic’ corps is a unique experience for the international community as it has been undertaken by a United Nations interim administration within the sovereignty of a state-the now defunct Federal… Expand
'Rule of Law' initiatives and the liberal peace: the impact of politicised reform in post-conflict states.
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This article examines the impact of the reintegration of former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) combatants on the post-war recovery of Kosovo. The exploration is conducted through a micro- andExpand
A re-conceptualisation of ex-combatant reintegration: ‘social reintegration’ approach
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Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) of ex-combatants and development with a specific reference to the reintegration of the Taliban in Afghanistan
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Postconflit : entre guerre et paix ?
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Spoilers ou intermédiaires de la paix ? Les ex-combattants de l’UÇK au cœur de l’action internationale post-conflit et de la formation du nouvel Etat du Kosovo
Au Kosovo, je n’aurais pu etre introduite aupres des combattants de la Drenica sans Genc, fidele ami revenu au Kosovo apres-guerre, apres plusieurs annees passees en France, et mes sejours auraientExpand


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