From Ugly Duckling to Cool Fashion Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker's Blonde Ambitions

  title={From Ugly Duckling to Cool Fashion Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker's Blonde Ambitions},
  author={Michele Byers and Michele Rosalin Krieger},
  journal={Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies},
  pages={43 - 63}
Sarah Jessica Parker is a cool Jew, or so we argue in this essay. That is, the actress and the role that made her most famous—Sex and the City's iconic Carrie Bradshaw—offer fans a particular kind of pleasure that comes from identifying with an actor and character who are presented as, if not explicitly Jewish, then Jewish to those in the know. We argue, however, that Parker's ascent to superstar status necessitated a shift in the way her physical body has been produced, a shift away from those… Expand
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