From State to Market: A Survey of Empirical Studies On Privatization

  title={From State to Market: A Survey of Empirical Studies On Privatization},
  author={William L. Megginson and Jeffry Netter},
  journal={Social Science Research Network},
This study surveys the academic and professional literature examining the privatization of stateowned enterprises (SOEs), with a focus on empirical studies. The paper is written from the perspective of a policy-maker weighing the adoption of a national privatization program, who seeks answers to the following questions: (1) How large an impact have privatization programs actually had thus far on state involvement in different national economies?; (2) Has the decision to privatize been based on… 
A recurring topic in the global economic debate is privatisation. We define privatisation as the government act of selling state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and assets to private owners. Governments
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