From Source to Sermo: Narrative Technique in Livy 34.54.4-8

  title={From Source to Sermo: Narrative Technique in Livy 34.54.4-8},
  author={Cynthia Damon},
  journal={American Journal of Philology},
  pages={251 - 266}
  • C. Damon
  • Published 1 June 1997
  • History
  • American Journal of Philology
Livy’s predilection for an indirect narrative style is well known. It is most clearly visible when he is adapting a passage from an author who uses a more direct style, Polybius, for example, who frequently pronounces judgment on the events he describes, praising or criticizing military strategies, assessing the importance of political decisions, and so on.1 Livy occasionally reproduces Polybian analyses in his own voice, as when he states that the force of Carpetani that faced Hannibal at the… 

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