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From Sha‘ar Hagolan to Shaaraim

  title={From Sha‘ar Hagolan to Shaaraim},
  author={Yosef Garfijinkel and Saar Ganor and Igor Kreimerman and Katharina Streit and Madeleine Mumcuoglu and J. Ben-Michael and Michael Freikman and D. Kirzner and Michal Birkenfeld and A. Yaroshevich and Nimrod Marom and Ianir Milevski and L. Horwitz and O. Marder and Z. Matskevich and A. Cohen-Weinberger and N. Getzov and M. G. Hasel and D. Ben-Shlomo and M. Klingbeil and R. Mullins and Mitka R. Golub},
An oval-shaped stone seal was found in the 2014 season of excavations at Tel Abel Beth Maacah. It is engraved with a motif of three schematic fijigures in what may be understood as a dance scene. This motif is known from seals found at other sites in Israel and has been dated to the Iron Age IIA. This article discusses the iconography of the seal in the regional and geohistorical context of Abel Beth Maacah as a border site between Israelites, Phoenicians and Arameans at that time. 
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