From Sensor Data to Animal Behaviour: An Oystercatcher Example

  title={From Sensor Data to Animal Behaviour: An Oystercatcher Example},
  author={Judy Shamoun-Baranes and Roeland A. Bom and E. Emiel van Loon and Bruno J. Ens and Kees Oosterbeek and Willem Bouten},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Animal-borne sensors enable researchers to remotely track animals, their physiological state and body movements. Accelerometers, for example, have been used in several studies to measure body movement, posture, and energy expenditure, although predominantly in marine animals. In many studies, behaviour is often inferred from expert interpretation of sensor data and not validated with direct observations of the animal. The aim of this study was to derive models that could be used to classify… CONTINUE READING
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