From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies

  title={From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies},
  author={Molly Haskell},
For this edition of her classic study of the feminine role in film, Molly Haskell has written a new chapter addressing recent developments in the appearance and perception of women in the movies. "An incisive, exceedingly thoughtful look at the distorted lens through which Hollywood has historically viewed women. It is a valuable contribution not just of film criticism but to a society in which the vital role of women is just beginning to emerge." "Christian Science Monitor" "Haskell is… 

Terrors of Girlhood

Since the birth of the genre, American horror filmmakers have posed female characters as prey and objects of sexual desire. Adolescent women in particular

Rape versus Mans/laughter: Hitchcock's Blackmail and Feminist Interpretation

  • T. Modleski
  • Art
    PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
  • 1987
In film studies the work of Alfred Hitchcock has often been considered misogynist, and feminist critics have assumed that the female spectator can enjoy the films only by adopting the position of a

No Small-Talk in Paradise: Why Elysium Fails the Bechdel Test, and Why We Should Care

Discussions of women in film are always about a great deal more than they may appear to be at first sight. Feminist film theory, which Sue Thornham characterises as ‘the exploration of the complex

Female Identity: A Historical Memoir of Three Generations of Women and the Movies That Shaped Them

Within my honors thesis, I propose that my investigations into both female audience members and female film characters will reveal that as these characters have become more complex, detailed and full

A Study of Women's Roles and Star Personas in the Films of Frank Capra

The Golden Era of cinema (1930-1950) produced some of the most memorable and influential films throughout history. One of the most influential directors of this time was Frank Capra. In Capra‟s films

A Reading of Bhabendra Nath Saikia's Films from Feminist Lens

Feminist movement deconstructs the constructed images of women on the screen as well. The gap between real and reel woman is a vibrant topic of discussion for the feminist scholars. As a regional

"The Daughter of Fu Manchu": The Pedagogy of Deconstructing the Representation of Asian Women in Film and Fiction

Courses regarding race, gender, and representation are not easy to teach under any circumstances, but even more so in predominantly white classrooms in the post 9/11 U.S. where the masses have been

Queen Latifah, Unruly Women, and the Bodies of Romantic Comedy

Bodies, stardom, narratives [1] The questions that compel this essay concern the relationship between bodies and narratives: the narratives available to certain bodies and the disruptive impact of

Half a Woman: The Nun in Film from WWII to the Present

KROCKER, SARAH ELIZABETH. Half a Woman: The Nun in Film from WWII to the Present. (Under the direction of Maria Pramaggiore.) Half a Woman examines how six prominent nun films signify the changing

Acting social: The cinema of Mike Nichols

This dissertation argues for the study of director Mike Nichols by elucidating his aesthetic, historical, social, and political importance. He ushered in the turn from "Classical" to "New" Hollywood,