From Reptilian Phylogenomics to Reptilian Genomes: Analyses of c-Jun and DJ-1 Proto-Oncogenes

  title={From Reptilian Phylogenomics to Reptilian Genomes: Analyses of c-Jun and DJ-1 Proto-Oncogenes},
  author={Y. Katsu and {\'E}. L. Braun and Jr. L. Guillette and Takeo Iguchi},
  journal={Cytogenetic and Genome Research},
  pages={79 - 93}
  • Y. Katsu, É. L. Braun, +1 author Takeo Iguchi
  • Published 2009
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cytogenetic and Genome Research
  • Genome projects have revolutionized our understanding of both molecular biology and evolution, but there has been a limited collection of genomic data from reptiles. This is surprising given the pivotal position of reptiles in vertebrate phylogeny and the potential utility of information from reptiles for understanding a number of biological phenomena, such as sex determination. Although there are many potential uses for genomic data, one important and useful approach is phylogenomics. Here we… CONTINUE READING

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