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From Queer Reading to Queerbaiting : The battle over the polysemic text and the power of hermeneutics

  title={From Queer Reading to Queerbaiting : The battle over the polysemic text and the power of hermeneutics},
  author={Emma Nordin},
This thesis focuses on an example of fan activity where fans in internet communities are voicing their concern over a practice they have named queerbaiting. The term is used to describe the practic ... 
Envisioning queer female fandom
Editorial for "Queer female fandom," edited by Julie Levin Russo and Eve Ng, special issue, Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 24 (June 15, 2017).
‘It’s just absolutely everywhere’: understanding LGBTQ experiences of queerbaiting
Queer media plays a significant role in the education and validation of emerging LGBTQ individuals. Although the volume of such media has increased, there are still ways in which it is misrepresent...
Queerbaiting: The ‘playful’ possibilities of homoeroticism
This article explores the concept of ‘queerbaiting’, a term employed by media fans to criticise homoerotic suggestiveness in contemporary television when this suggestiveness is not actualised in the
‘Bizarre Sapphic midlife crisis’: (Re)thinking LGBTQ representation, age and mental health
This article looks at viewers’ responses to the romance between two older women on the BBC medical drama Holby City. In the context of a continuing lack of representation of (older) women-loving
Queering Player Agency and Paratexts: An Analysis and Expansion of Queerbaiting in Video Games
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A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory
Contents Introduction 1 The Social Construction of Same-Sex Desire: Sin, Crime, Sickness 2 Assimilation or Liberation, Sexuality or Gender? 3 Queer: A Question of Being, or A Question of Doing? 4
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recently the term has been reappropriated as a marker for some gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (glbt), and other marginalized sexual identities. In addition, “queer theory” has emerged in
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