From Preemption to Engagement

  title={From Preemption to Engagement},
  author={Antony J. Blinken},
  pages={33 - 60}
Framing as a tool for mediatic diplomacy analysis: study of George W. Bush's political discourse in the ¿War on Terror?
Public diplomacy is an international political communication activity to which States and other organizations resort in order to achieve political objectives abroad and to establish positive
Intelligence tradecraft and the pre-crime approach to EU internal security governance
This paper aims at inserting the concept of intelligence tradecraft into the pre-crime analytical framework and verifying the usefulness of such an approach to the study of EU internal security governance.
How to Catch a Terrorist: Is Mass Surveillance the Answer?
Most of the debate surrounding the War on Terrorism has focused on human rights abuses, suspensions, or partial suspensions of the rule of law and the need for balance between human rights and
The End of the Cold War: Rogue States and Their Characteristics
The emergence of Rogue States, and latterly the Axis of Evil, is a relatively new phenomenon. In the past, countries have had enemies, and those enemies have, without doubt, been demonized. Although
Preemption in the Bush Doctrine: A Reappraisal
This article argues that the elevation of preemption to a cardinal status in the Bush Doctrine following September 11, 2001 resulted from a larger strategic consideration—to convince rogue states to
The spectacle of war: security, legitimacy, and profit post-9/11
On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, Martha Raddatz from ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed Vice President Cheney about progress in the war. The result was one of the most stunning
The Discursive Origins of a Doctrine : Norms, Identity, and Securitization under Harry S. Truman and George W. Bush
Previous research on the Bush Doctrine has tended to largely focus on its contents, more or less automatically assuming 9/11 to be the sole factor for the doctrine coming into existence. This article
Dealing with Fear: Implementing the Bush Doctrine of Preemptive Attack
In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, the Bush Administration enunciated the doctrine of preemption, and implemented it by attacking Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. This article