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From Posters to e-Posters: The Evolution of a Genre

  title={From Posters to e-Posters: The Evolution of a Genre},
  author={Larissa D’Angelo},
There is plenty of informative material on the production and presentation of academic posters. Tips for first-time poster presenters can easily be found online, in an informal easy-to-read style, very much resembling that of poster sessions. More sophisticated how-to tips and techniques are also available, along with discussions on how to use posters for professional development in the workplace or as a teaching and evaluation device within university courses. In recent years several… 

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It is shown that poster design is historically problematic, and that the guidance provided to students as they create posters for assessment is frequently inconsistent, and some guiding design principles for posters that are grounded in communication theory and the fundamentals of rhetoric are provided.
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This chapter explores how knowledge is transferred in the conference setting and looks at how posters are placed in facilitating communication, so that readers will be better placed to judge how their conference activities effectively meet their aims and objectives.


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E-posters should be used in tandem with traditional posters to improve the delivery of original communications and enable detailed search of a computer-based database of presentations, and viewing of the full content of all posters.
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Learning to communicate research well through posters involves far more than formatting issues such as font size. The conventions of poster presentations as social practices are part of academic
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A preliminary analysis of the main textual and visual elements of conference posters in different disciplines is reported on, describing which communicative strategies are favoured, which are allowed and, finally, which should be known to aspiring authors seeking admission to the academic community.
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Posters make sense. They make sense as a means of communicating the results of scientific investigation quickly and effectively. They also make sense as a teaching-and-leaming exercise. This point is
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Creating and presenting posters requires students to develop and use the vital skills of enquiry, critical analysis, and dissemination of findings. Poster presentation would appear to have potential
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An analytical framework capable of highlighting the communicative purposes, reader-oriented strategies, and visual-linguistic interaction employed in the multimodal genre of academic posters is suggested and exemplified using an academic poster recently presented at an international conference of applied linguistics.
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The work in this volume makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of he intercultura and educational dimensions of the increasing dominance of English as an international lingua franca--in conferences and beyond.
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In-class poster sessions offer an attractive alternative to traditional term paper assignments. Poster sessions are suitable for classes of all sizes, promote collaborative learning, encourage
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