From Pintele Yid to Racenjude: Chaim Zhitlovsky and racial conceptions of Jewishness

  title={From Pintele Yid to Racenjude: Chaim Zhitlovsky and racial conceptions of Jewishness},
  author={Matthew Hoffman},
  journal={Jewish History},
The Russian Jewish intellectual, Chaim Zhitlovsky (1865–1943), a leading architect of secular Jewish culture and thought, was a central figure in the progressive Jewish intelligentsia of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. In an essay written in 1927, “Yidn un Yiddishkayt” (“Jews and Jewishness”), he sought to define the secular essence of what he calls Yiddishkayt. This essay is not the first in Zhitlovsky’s long publicistic career in which he searches for new, secular definitions… 
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Confronting the Jewish Rejection of Jewish Particularism: Chaim Zhitlowsky’s Anti-Assimilationist Intervention in the American Yiddish Press

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Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2004-2005

Yet, as students of many peoples and periods have found, trauma when it does happen—in individuals or groups—can be historically very revealing. Literally untold degrees of traumatization are