From Pilgrim to Tourist – or a Short History of Identity

  title={From Pilgrim to Tourist – or a Short History of Identity},
  author={Zygmunt Bauman},
'Identity continues to be the problem it was throughout modernity', says Douglas Kellner, and adds that 'far from identity disappearing in contemporary society, it is rather reconstructed and redefined' though just a few paragraphs later he casts doubts on the feasibility of the selfsame 'reconstruction and redefinition', pointing oht that 'identity today becomes a freely chosen game, a theatrical presentation of the self' and that 'when one radically shifts identity at will, one might lose… 

Mapping the revived Tradition : Continuity Requested and Rejected In Czech and Bulgarian Post-Totalitarian Experience

. A~cor~ing to ~ygmunt Bauman, the post-modem way of identIficatIon ]s charactenzed by the wish to hide one's identity by using different life strategies. The major difference between the post-modem

Key figure of mobility: the pilgrim

Zygmunt Bauman wrote that whereas the modern problem was to construct an identity and keep it stable, the postmodern one was to avoid fixation and keep all options open. He characterises this shift

"The Reluctant Pilgrim:" Questioning Belief After Historical Loss

In this paper, I explore the question of belief as it is enacted in the inclination to return to places of history's lost objects. I argue that such returns, and the beliefs that fuel them, offer a

Stendhal’s Gaze: Towards an hermeneutic approach of the tourist

Is travel inherently beneficial to human character? This is one of the principal questions to the practice of tourism from a philosophical viewpoint and posed as such by Dean MacCannell. But it is


Two hundred years have passed since the question of subjectivity (re-interpreted through Kierkegaard’s existentialism) became central in modern philosophy. Over these two centuries, multiple theories

Space and Identity A Study on the Tradition and Change of the Gujars of Himachal Pradesh.

The unique life-ways of the 'Gujar' pastoral community of India have evoked significant interest in recent time as they are struggling hard to retain their cultural identity against the increasing

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This article investigates the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Tasmania focussing on the relationship between the residents of a place and their principal tourist attraction. Called the ‘Getty of

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In this introduction to Tourism's special issue, 'Pilgrimage: Communitas and Contestation, Unity and Diff erence,' guest editor Michael A. Di Giovine explores the intellectual history of the

Tourist Writing: Facing and Embracing the Otherness of Space and Narrative

This paper sets out to examine a specific body of fictional narratives featuring tourists as protagonists. It is the experience of tourists that determines the plot development, dynamics and

Introduction: representation matters

and representation, the tactical value of the contributions lies in the way they establish identity in terms of shifting alliances and a continuous redefinition of boundaries, without taking this