From Passivity to Competence: A Conceptualization of Knowledge, Skill, Tolerance, and Empathy

  title={From Passivity to Competence: A Conceptualization of Knowledge, Skill, Tolerance, and Empathy},
  author={Wynn Schwartz},
  pages={338 - 345}
  • W. Schwartz
  • Published 1 December 2002
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychiatry

Freedom in Terms of the Win-Win-Win Papakonstantinidis: Bibliography

Concepts such as freedom cannot be measured and give material measurable results. Freedom is not measured. It leaves its philosophical imprint on independent thought. According to Jean-Jacques


    O. Trumko
    The Ethnology Notebooks
  • 2019


    Descriptive Psychology and the Person Concept
  • 2019

Behavior as Intentional Action

    W. Schwartz
    Descriptive Psychology and the Person Concept
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Empathy in Practice: A Demonstration of Some Person Concepts

    W. Schwartz
    Descriptive Psychology and the Person Concept
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Setting the Scene: National and Local Perspectives

    T. Bowyer
    Beyond Suffering and Reparation
  • 2018
This chapter introduces the reader to the idea that an understanding of the adverse effects of material disadvantage and the effects of insecurity, anxiety and lack of social integration will be

The Complexities of Human Suffering

    T. Bowyer
    Psychology, Philosophy
    Beyond Suffering and Reparation
  • 2018
The first chapter introduces the reader to the problem of human suffering and how its resistance to conceptualization has led to the lack of any emotional engagement with the context in which people

The influence of organization culture and motivation on the volunteer’s intention to leave mediated by the work satisfaction: a study on volunteers at non profit organization Save Street Child in East Java province

The purposes of this research are to analyze the influence of organization culture, motivation, and work satisfaction towards the volunteer’s intention to leave, analyze the role of work satisfaction

Influence of image, service quality, trust, and emphaty on revisit to the tomb of Gus Dur in East Java, Indonesia

Indonesia is rich with prominent figures tombs with high potential for being religious tourism destination. Mostly those that are respected for their contribution to Islamic religion spreading in

Degradation, accreditation, (Vol

  • 1975

Beyond the Pleasure Principle

In reasoned progression he outlined core psychoanalytic concepts, such as repression, free association and libido. Of the various English translations of Freud's major works to appear in his

The law of torts

Introduction. Intentional invasions of interests in persons and property. Intentional interference with economic interests. Negligent invasions of interests in persons and property and economic

Mind and Nature

A Research-Based Reconsideration of the Psychoanalytic Theory of Dreaming

The hypothesis that REM sleep and dreaming serve the function of adaptation by the process of integration of information is presented and a study of dreams is reported, based on this hypothesis.

Affect Availability, Tolerance, Complexity, and Modulation in Psychoanalysis: Followup of a Longitudinal, Prospective Study

Criteria of change that can be clinically observed is defined and patients' and analysts' interviews, and ratings of psychological tests all revealed that patients had derived “therapeutic benefit” in relation to affect experience and management.

The capacity to be alone.

    D. Winnicott
    The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 1958
I wish to make an examination of the capacity of the individual to be alone, acting on the assumption that this capacity is one of the most important signs of maturity in emotional development. In

Does it Take? Paper the psychoanalytic theory of dreaming. Journal of presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the American Psychoanalytic Association (1992)40

  • 1997

R.,Katz,H.,Schwartz,W.,& choanalytic? Psychiatry

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