From Orgasms to Spanking: A Content Analysis of the Agentic and Objectifying Sexual Scripts in Feminist, for Women, and Mainstream Pornography

  title={From Orgasms to Spanking: A Content Analysis of the Agentic and Objectifying Sexual Scripts in Feminist, for Women, and Mainstream Pornography},
  author={Niki Fritz and Bryant Paul},
  journal={Sex Roles},
Historically, pro- versus anti-pornography debates have been positioned around the concepts of sexual objectification versus sexual agency—arguing that pornography, especially Mainstream content, results in objectification of women versus arguing that pornography, especially Feminist pornography or erotica, depicts and can lead to female sexual empowerment. To date, however, no one has examined the content of Mainstream compared to Feminist pornography. The present content analysis of 300… 
Worse Than Objects: The Depiction of Black Women and Men and Their Sexual Relationship in Pornography
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Pornography and Women’s Experience of Mixed-Gender Sexual Choking/Strangulation: Eroticization Mediates, Perceived Similarity Moderates
Sexual choking, which is a form of strangulation, can lead to various health consequences, including death. Recent surveys suggest that sexual choking is prevalent among young U.S. adults, a
A Descriptive Analysis of the Types, Targets, and Relative Frequency of Aggression in Mainstream Pornography
Aggression is common against women in online pornography, while repercussions to this aggression are rarely portrayed, according to a study of 4009 heterosexual scenes from two major free pornographic tube sites.
Aggression and Pleasure in Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Mainstream Online Pornography: A Comparative Content Analysis of Dyadic Scenes
It is shown that there are both more displays of aggression andMore displays of affection and pleasure in same-sex online pornographic videos, relative to different-sex videos, across subgenres of mainstream online pornography.
I (Dis)Like it Like That: Gender, Pornography, and Liking Sex
It was revealed that pornography consumption, overall, was not significantly correlated with increased enjoyment of the sexual acts that comprise the pornographic sexual script, but gender was a significant moderating factor in the enjoyment, specifically, of degrading and/or uncommon acts.
Sexism, rape myths and feminist identification explain gender differences in attitudes toward the #metoo social media campaign in two countries
ABSTRACT On October 15, 2017, actress Alyssa Milano popularized the #metoo campaign, which sought to expose the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in public domains by encouraging victims to
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Amateur pornography contained more gender inequality at the expense of women than professional pornography did, according to three main dimensions of gender (in)equality.
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Adolescents’ Exposure to a Sexualized Media Environment and Their Notions of Women as Sex Objects
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The objectification of women in mainstream pornographic videos in Australia
  • A. McKee
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex research
  • 2005
Using twelve measures of objectification, the degree to which women are objectified in mainstream pornographic videos in Australia is measured and one shows women being more objectified than men.
Lotus Blossom or Dragon Lady: A Content Analysis of “Asian Women” Online Pornography
A content analysis was undertaken to consider the depiction of sexual behaviors in a random sample of videos from the “Asian Women” category of content on, which is the largest and most
Gender Differences in Pornography Consumption among Young Heterosexual Danish Adults
  • G. Hald
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2006
It is argued that gender differences in social acceptability, adherence to gender stereotypes, traditions of gender sexuality, gender norms, and mating strategies are key factors in understandingGender differences in pornography consumption.