From Ohkawa to Strong Generation via Approximable Triangulated Categories—A Variation on the Theme of Amnon Neeman’s Nagoya Lecture Series

  title={From Ohkawa to Strong Generation via Approximable Triangulated Categories—A Variation on the Theme of Amnon Neeman’s Nagoya Lecture Series},
  author={Norihiko Minami},
  journal={Bousfield Classes and Ohkawa's Theorem},
  • N. Minami
  • Published 28 August 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Bousfield Classes and Ohkawa's Theorem
This survey stems from Amnon Neeman's lecture series at Ohakawa's memorial workshop. Starting with Ohakawa's theorem, this survey intends to supply enough motivation, background and technical details to read Neeman's recent papers on his "approximable triangulated categories" and his $D_{coh}^b(X)$ strong generation sufficient criterion via de Jong's regular alteration, even for non-experts. At the same time, the author, who happens to be a coorganizer of this workshop and an editor of the… 


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