From Miss World to World Leader: Beauty Queens, Paths to Power, and Political Representations

  title={From Miss World to World Leader: Beauty Queens, Paths to Power, and Political Representations},
  author={Magda Hinojosa and Jill Carle},
  journal={Journal of Women, Politics \& Policy},
  pages={24 - 46}
ABSTRACT This article argues that participation in beauty pageants can serve as a path to power for women. This previously unidentified route to political office is unique to women, builds on representational elements of beauty pageants, and provides girls and women with skills necessary to political achievement. We analyze how this path to power is different from celebrity politicians, which has recently received much academic attention. We use examples from Venezuela, Jamaica, the United… 
Will Beauty Save the World? A historical context study of the Miss Venezuela pageant as a conceivable contributor to communication for development.
In recent years, old-hand development scholars, in the category of Dan Brockington, have expressed their concern over academia’s neglect of the significance of celebrities in the field. As has been
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• Consumed in over 130 countries, telenovelas are media products particularly suitable for the examination of the dialogue between media, culture and society. In 2003—4, Venezuelan telenovela Cosita
Feminine Beauty, National Identity and Political Conflict in Postwar Italy, 1945–1954
  • S. Gundle
  • Political Science
    Contemporary European History
  • 1999
After 1945 the Italian tradition of feminine beauty was redefined in a democratic context in which women, for the first time, became full citizens, and traditional criteria of beauty were first strenuously defended and then modified and commercialised.
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