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From Liouville to Chern-Simons, Alternative Realization of Wilson Loop Operators in AGT Duality

  title={From Liouville to Chern-Simons, Alternative Realization of Wilson Loop Operators in AGT Duality},
  author={Jian-feng Wu and Y. Zhou},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We propose an SL(2,R) Chern-Simons description of Liouville field theory (LFT), whose correlation function duals to partition function of N=2 SU(2) gauge theories. We give the dual expressions for conformal blocks, fusion rules, and Wilson loop operators in Chern-Simons theory. By realizing Wilson loop operator in Liouville as a Hopf link in S^3 on which lives an SL(2,R) Chern-Simons theory, we obtain an alternative description of monodromy of this loop operator in Liouville field theory as the… Expand

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It is proved that for diffeomorphisms that do not preserve the boundary there is a classical contribution to the central charge in the Virasoro algebra. Expand