From Jāmi' ah to University

  title={From Jāmi' ah to University},
  author={Syed Farid Alatas},
  journal={Current Sociology},
  pages={112 - 132}
Sociology has a role to play in the development of multiculturalism and, therefore, the facilitation of interreligious dialogue. Multiculturalism does not merely refer to the coexistence of a plurality of cultures but is a social context that encourages the possibilities for harmonious interactions of different cultures. Sociology may contribute in meaningful ways to multiculturalism by the thematic development of a number of areas concerning the study of societies and civilizations. This… 
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The Window to Paradise is not just the name of one of the most popular programmes in Salafi Islamic televangelism, it is also a successful channel for the mediation of religious fundamentalism that

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The reading and viewing public are not passive consumers. They react to the media, and influence how it speaks to them. Globalisation is not sweeping all previously established values before it, but

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Islamist terrorism has, in academic and lay discourse, been misunderstood in the register of 'extremism,' 'radicalism' and 'fundamentalism.' The concepts of 'terrorism' and 'ideology' have frequently

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The aim of this article is to illustrate some of the fundamental ideas that were central to the development of XIX century Romanian higher education; in doing so, it relies on discourses related to

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Currie-Alder examines how Muslim-majority states have governed public research investments and capacity during recent decades, identifying distinct perspectives that focus on the national, regional,

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The knowledge of modern economics has evolved over centuries with its roots dependent on usury. The modern literature witnesses the hazards of usury that world economies are facing. As Islam is a

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Development of hospital system during the medieval Islamic period has affected the modern hospital system throughout the globe in multiple ways. It has been precursor in terms of introducing

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This study focuses on reviewing the healthcare systems and infrastructural developments through the history of Islamic civilization, which spread across the Middle East, Africa, Spain, and West Asia.




In public discourse and formal education, human sciences need to facilitate the dialogue among civilizations to inculcate an attitude founded on appreciation, understanding, interest, and compassion

Madrasa and university in the middle ages

In a paper delivered at the University of California, Los Angeles, on the occasion of the Second Conference for Islamic Studies (1), I spoke on the subject of "Law and Traditionalism in the

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History, the state and national identity the competition state and national identity history at the service of the nation state nationalists and national identity dissenting voices and the politics

The Rise of Colleges. Institutions of Learning in Islam and the West

Makdisi's important work traces the development and organisational structure of learning institutions in Islam, and reassesses scholarship on the origins and growth of the Madrasa.

An Early Arab Theory of Instruction

  • F. Haddad
  • Education
    International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • 1974
The field of education, its various components and means of putting it into effect, have not received the attention of those who have studied the history of Arabic thought. It has been only recently

The Rise of Colleges

On the Origin and Development of the College in Islam and the West

Few chapters in the history of Western culture are as fascinating as that of the rise and development of universities. These institutions of learning are justly the pride and joy of those who cherish

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Most of the archives of Arabic history appear to follow the succession of the rulers, i.e., proceed along with the history of state. However, in examining the Arabic state history diachronically, we

Al-Azhar: A Millennium of Learning

  • 1961