From Global to Local Feminisms: Transnationalism, Foreign Aid and the Women's Movement in Ukraine

  title={From Global to Local Feminisms: Transnationalism, Foreign Aid and the Women's Movement in Ukraine},
  author={Alexandra Hrycak},
Empowered Women, Failed Patriarchs: Neoliberalism and Global Gender Anxieties
Notions of “empowered women,” promoted by NGOs, economists, and feminists beginning in the 1970s, do not necessitate a countervailing notion of “failed patriarchs.” However, our review of the
Developing a Movement? Aid-Based Mediated Diffusion as a Strategy to Promote Labour Activism in post-Tsunami Aceh
Abstract In this article we examine the extent to which mediated diffusion through trade union development aid succeeded in helping to establish a labour movement in Aceh after the 2004 tsunami. The
Why Women Protest: Insights from Ukraine's EuroMaidan
This article examines why Ukrainian women participated in the 2013–14 anti-government protests, widely known as the EuroMaidan. Based upon in-depth interviews with female protesters, the study
NGO Hybridisation as an Outcome of HIV Services Delivery in Global Fund-Supported Programmes in Ukraine
Ukraine has one of the world’s fastest growing HIV rates and was one of the largest recipients of funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GF). Doctoral research recently
Challenges of NGO-to-state Referral in the Delivery of HIV Prevention Programs in Ukraine Supported by the Global Fund
  • S. McGill
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Central Asian journal of global health
  • 2015
Gaps in linking HIV patients to the HIV care continuum have been identified as a potentially problematic issue in delivery of HIV prevention services by GF funded NGOs.
Conclusion: Gender Politics and Conservative Neoliberal Transformations in Ukraine
Ukrainian Woman and Equality


The Uneven Geography of Global Civic Society: National and Global Influences on Transnational Association
Recent decades have seen an explosion of transnational networking and activism, but participation varies widely around the globe. Using negative binomial regression, we explore how national and
Women's activism and globalization : linking local struggles and transnational politics
Part One: Introduction 1. Changing the Terms: Community Activism, Globalization, and the Dilemmas of Transnational Feminist Praxis Nancy A. Naples 2. Transnational Solidarity: Women's Agency,
Bridging Global Divides?
A growing body of research has revealed a rapid expansion in transnational organizing and activism, but we know relatively little about the qualitative changes these transnational ties represent.
Transnational Feminist Networks
This article seeks to contribute to feminist theorizing, to globalization studies and to theories of social movements by discussing a new organizational form and a new form of women's collective
The Riddle of the Third Sector: Civil Society, International Aid, and NGOs in Russia
This article examines the forms and logic of political activism encouraged by international development agencies in Russia by focusing on the project to promote civil society development. The version
Women and Globalization: A Study of 180 Countries, 1975–2000
How do rising levels of international interconnectedness affect social, economic, and political conditions for women? Research on gender and international relations frequently offers clear
A Critical Look at NGOs and Civil Society as Means to an End in Uzbekistan
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Foundation Feminism and the Articulation of Hybrid Feminisms in Post-Socialist Ukraine
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The power and limits of NGOs : a critical look at building democracy in Eastern Europe and Eurasia
The Power and Limits of Transnational Democracy Networks in Post-Communist Societies, by Sarah E. Mendelson and John K. Glenn uncovers the power and limits of transnational networks in post-communist societies.
Feminism without Borders: Decolonizing Theory, Practicing Solidarity
Bringing together classic and new writings of the trailblazing feminist theorist Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Feminism without Borders addresses some of the most pressing and complex issues facing