From Fermat to Wiles: Fermat's Last Theorem Becomes a Theorem

  title={From Fermat to Wiles: Fermat's Last Theorem Becomes a Theorem},
  author={I. Kleiner},
  journal={Elemente der Mathematik},
  • I. Kleiner
  • Published 2000
  • Mathematics
  • Elemente der Mathematik
  • Israel Kleiner is professor of mathematics at York University in Toronto. He received his PhD in ring theory from Mc Gill University. His current research interests are the history of mathematics, mathematics education, and their interface. He was for many years coordinator of an in-service Master's Programme for teachers of mathematics. Recently he served as vice president of the Canadian Society for the History and Phi- losophy of Mathematics, and is currently on the advisory board of the… CONTINUE READING
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