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From Digital Literacies to Digital Problem Solving: Expanding Technology-rich Learning Opportunities for Adults

  title={From Digital Literacies to Digital Problem Solving: Expanding Technology-rich Learning Opportunities for Adults},
  author={Tyler G. Frank and Jill Castek},

Deconstructing Paper-Lined Cubicles: Digital Literacy and Information Technology Resources in the Workplace

It is argued efforts to digitize learning and knowledge base resources in the workplace needs to be supported by a strategy that demonstrates the value of new technology to employee’s experience, including ongoing digital literacy training and equipping employees with information technology resources that encourage the utilization of digital learning and reading materials.

Future Problem-Solving Practiced During COVID-19: Implications for Health Management Students' E-Health Literacy Identity

The current study describes the implementation of an online Future Problem Solving (FPS) program in the field of Health education and set out to explore its contribution to students' eHealth Literacy


Until now, the maturity level of teachers and students in vocational education in applying 21st century skills in learning is still a prolonged polemic. This study aims to: (1) analyze the maturity

Digital Skills of Working Age Population in Croatia

In the focus of the paper are digital skills of working age population in the Republic of Croatia as one of its fundamental pillars of scientific, technological, educational and overall

Digital literacy: a review in the South Pacific

In this era of exponential prominence and adoption of technology, one needs to have the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share and create ideas, responsibly and ethically, using Information

Difficulties in implementing 21st century skills competence in vocational education learning

The 21st century learning requires complex competencies, transformations of technology-based learning and non-cognitive skills need. This situation makes it difficult for teachers of Indonesian

The Current Challenges of Further Education in ICT with the Example of the Czech Republic

Schools have an irreplaceable role in preparing the young generation for educational, professional, and social challenges, however, this effort fails if teachers themselves are not equipped with

Knowledge Society Failure? Barriers in the Use of ICTs and Further Teacher Education in the Czech Republic

The study investigates barriers of Czech secondary school teachers in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in teaching and in further education in ICTs. The Czech Republic is

Information and Digital Competencies of Teachers in the Function of Preventing Online Violence

Aggressive violent behavior today, especially peer and online violence, is a common phenomenon in educational institutions. Based on a review of the most relevant literature and research, information



Digital literacy and problem solving in technology rich environments : A report of a national meeting held by the Canadian Literacy and Learning Network

  • Using the PIAAC Framework for Problem Solving in Technology - Rich Environments to Guide Instruction : An Introduction for Adult Educators
  • 2017

Integrating digital literacy into English language instruction : Issue brief

  • 2009

Jill Castek is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies at the University of Arizona

    Integrating digital literacy and problem solving into instruction

    • LINCS Regional Professional Development Center for Adult Education
    • 2014

    Frank is an ABE instructor at Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ and a Master's Degree Candidate in Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies at the University of Arizona