From Despair to Integrity: Using Narrative Therapy for Older Individuals in Erikson’s Last Stage of Identity Development

  title={From Despair to Integrity: Using Narrative Therapy for Older Individuals in Erikson’s Last Stage of Identity Development},
  author={Eric T. Goodcase and Heather A. Love},
  journal={Clinical Social Work Journal},
Adults aged 65 and over are a growing population in the United States today. This population is underrepresented in the mental health literature despite the high rates of depression and suicide. Additionally, the newest generation of older individuals is more likely to seek therapy than past generations, furthering the need for mental health professionals to be prepared for treating older individuals. Erikson in Childhood and society, Norton, New York, (1950) describes this time period as being… 

The role of spirituality in the reconstruction of identity in older women

THE ROLE OF SPIRITUALITY IN THE RECONSTRUCTION OF IDENTITY IN OLDER WOMEN Elin Hardenberg Smith College School for Social Work 2017 This study examines whether spirituality plays a role in how older

End-of-Life Case Study: The Use of Narrative Therapy on a Holocaust Survivor with Lifelong Depression

End-of-life is associated with several physical and existential challenges that may necessitate and yet limit intervention. However, there is limited scholarly exploration of various therapeutic

Descriptive phenomenological study on ego-integrity experienced by the older people in nursing homes.

The results underscored the important role of ego integrity in structuring one's life in the later years and the importance of assessing ongoing temporal changes in the ego integrity of nursing home residents and providing effective programs that enhance their sense of ego Integrity.

Counselor Development as The Hero’s Journey: Reflections from a Counselor Educator

The use of the monomyth to shape the narratives of fiction with deep meanings, while feeling both new and recognizable, is consistently experienced across all cultures throughout time. As past

Evaluation of a Spiritual History with Elderly Multi-Morbid Patients in General Practice—A Mixed-Methods Study within the Project HoPES3

The implementation of a spiritual history as part of a multifaceted intervention in German general practices seems to be a possible ‘door opener’ for a trusting doctor-patient relationship, which can then be built upon.

Usher syndrome, an unseen/hidden disability: a phenomenological study of adults across the lifespan living in England

The study findings revealed that although Usher syndrome is not life threatening, the condition affects everyday life and future plans, significantly impacting on individuals and their families, friendships, new and existing relationships.

Applying the theory of human development by Erik and Joan Erikson when communicating with persons with advanced dementia diseases

The feasibility of applying EJET in the care of PADDs is demonstrated through two examples of successful application of this framework in interacting with Padds in residential care settings and the significance of competent caregivers is demonstrated.

And the Winner is… Awards for the Integration of Science and Practice in Psychology

Psychotherapists from all fields perform difficult and challenging work, trying to help their clients gain insight into their problems and make lasting changes in their thoughts and behaviors.

Development and Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of a Brief Wisdom Development Scale

The results suggest that the BWDS comprising 18 items with a six-factor structure is comparable with its full version and possesses good psychometric properties in internal consistency, concurrent validity, and factorial validity.

Reminiscence through Appalachian Folklore, Games, and Music: A Pilot Project

ABSTRACT Reminiscence, as an activity and intervention, is an established approach that has been shown to benefit persons living with cognitive impairment. Working with professionals and persons with



One Story at a Time

Findings suggest that the therapy was "helpful" and participants were able to reduce or halt their substance misuse and aspects of narrative therapy such as storytelling may be particularly well suited to older adults, offering powerful possibilities for applied gerontology.

Life satisfaction, fear of death, and ego identity in elderly adults

Erikson’s eighth developmental stage, ego integrity vs. despair, was examined using the Life Satisfaction Index-A (LSIA) as a measure of ego integrity, the Death Anxiety Scale (DAS) as a measure of

Integrity versus Despair: An Eriksonian Framework for Geriatric Rehabilitation

Erik Erikson's developmental approach is examined as it relates to rehabilitative interventions in the geriatric population, with particular focus on use of imagination, acknowledging the potential value of patients' dysfunctions, and attachment.

Childhood and Society

The original and vastly influential ideas of Erik H. Erikson underlie much of our understanding of human development. His insights into the interdependence of the individuals' growth and historical

Exploring the Links between Depression, Integrity, and Hope in the Elderly

Findings suggest that depression, integrity, and hope are highly interrelated in the elderly population and may influence mastery of the developmental tasks of aging.

Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends

White and Epston base their therapy on the assumption that people experience problems when the stories of their lives, as they or others have invented them, do not sufficiently represent their lived

Narrative Therapy and Elders with Memory Loss

Elders with memory loss often experience anxiety and depression as they feel their identities slip out of their own control. The paper argues that narrative therapy can help people with dementia

Depression in the elderly

Prognosis of depression in old age compared to middle age: a systematic review of comparative studies.

Evidence suggests that response and remission rates to pharmacotherapy and ECT are not sufficiently different in old-age depression and middle- age depression to be clinically significant, but relapse rates appear higher.

Facing Our Limits: Human Dignity in the Very Old

Dædalus Winter 2006 An ancient Greek myth captures a dilemma that still faces us today. The goddess of the Dawn, Eos, persuades Zeus to make her earthly lover Tithonus immortal. But she forgets to