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From Data Center Metrics to Data Center Analytics: How to Unlock the Full Business Value of DCIM

  title={From Data Center Metrics to Data Center Analytics: How to Unlock the Full Business Value of DCIM},
  author={Peter Gilbert and K. Ramakrishnan and Ronald Diersen},
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Visualization and Machine Learning for Data Center Management
A novel tool for data center management that incorporates data visualization and machine learning capabilities is presented in the context of an action design research project conducted at a large government agency in Germany, which hosts three highly available data centers containing more than 10,000 servers. Expand
Best Practices for Sustainable Datacenters
The authors analyzed seven datacenters in India and the Netherlands and, based on their findings and industry standards, present a set of best practices to improve thedatacenters energy efficiency. Expand
Energy efficiency and renewable energy integration in data centres. Strategies and modelling review
The continuous growth in size, complexity and energy density of data centres due to the increasing demand for storage, networking and computation has become a worldwide energetic problem. TheExpand
Implementing Continuous Customer Care: First-Hand Experiences from an Industrial Setting
Experiences regarding a company's transition from a provider of installed software systems to a SaaS provider from the viewpoint of customer care and related activities are presented. Expand
Thermal Fingerprinting - Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Computational Loads
A novel approach to categorize and recognize computational tasks based on thermal system information and provide a cost-efficient, light-weight, and flexible solution to optimize the energy-efficiency for a huge number of existing, conventional data center environments. Expand


Promotion Council, enhancing the energy efficiency and Use of Green energy in Data Centers
  • 2012