From Cultural Festival to International Sport - The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Races

  title={From Cultural Festival to International Sport - The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Races},
  author={Trevor H. B. Sofield and Atara Sivan},
  journal={Journal of Sport \& Tourism},
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Being the second largest industry in Hong Kong, tourism plays a major role in the territory's develop ment. For many tourists, Hong Kong is regarded as a gateway to China, as a shopping paradise and as a place where the east meets the west. However, lack of diversity in the tourism product and low visitor awareness of existing attractions and activities seem to be barriers to full development of Hong Kong potential to attract visitors. In its efforts to attract tourists, Hong Kong Tourist… 

Contemporary Images and Identities in the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

‘It’s an unbeatable combination of boats, beers, and cheers.’ With this phrase, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) marketed its top attraction for June 2013 — the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, held

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The convergence of sport with tourism is a phenomenon of such recent origin that there is, as yet, no universally accepted definition of ‘sports tourism’. Until recently the descriptors invariably

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Hong Kong dragon boat race as a cultural heritage has undergone a different manifestation and transformation. Through the study and development of Hong Kong dragon boat race is a fisherman formed by

Historical and geographical context in festival tourism development

Festivals have increasingly become a significant tool for economic development through both tourism and the re-imaging and re-branding of cities and regions as modern cultural centers. To understand

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‘In 1992, there were 1.3 million people arriving in a country outside that of their residence and spending an average of $764 million on accommodations, meals, entertainment and shopping’ (Segal,

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“The spirit of travel has lived on down the ages.” (Bhatiz, 1991) Throughout “man has travelled in search of new places, new lands, new cultures and experiences.” (Laverty, 1989) As such, there is



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Dr. Hunt is Chairman of the Institute for the Study of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism and Assistant Dean, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University, Logan. Introduction The perceptions held

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Festival is an indigenous event in virtually all human cultures. So argues Alessandro Falassi in anthologizing these twenty-five wide-ranging essays aimed at capturing and dissecting the "special

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Assessing the Impact of Hallmark Events: Conceptual and Research Issues

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