From Crisis to Split: The Communist Party USA, 1989–1991

  title={From Crisis to Split: The Communist Party USA, 1989–1991},
  author={Daniel Rosenberg},
  journal={American Communist History},
  pages={1 - 55}
  • D. Rosenberg
  • Published 3 April 2019
  • Political Science
  • American Communist History
The Communist Party USA split in 1991. As a vital force on the Left, playing historically documented roles in labor, peace, civil rights, education, housing, and other progressive movements the Party weathered the storms of Soviet and socialist crises poorly. Its contributions to such movements were thus weakened. The Party erupted along ancestral streams: democracy, race, and “real, existing” socialism, which met in the socket of the Party. The interactive flow of argument was continuous, with… 


A Crisis in the Party
The problem introduced in the title has been worrying many Communists for some time now. And, although it has found reflection in the draft of the new CPSU program, an attentive examination of it is
What Needs To Be Done
In this book, I have chronicled a historical shift. I have tried to describe the complex logic of social change in order to give you an idea why old answers no longer suffice. Traditional
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The implications of the proposed changes to industrial relations legislation announced by the Australian Federal Government have prompted this revival of the OASIS-Australia Newsletter. This response
By their fruits ye shall know them.
  • A. Yankauer
  • Education
    American journal of public health
  • 1978
Resolution on the Communist Party, 25 th National Convention, author's possession; Gus Hall, Remarks to the First Meeting of the Interim National Board on the 25 th National Convention
    author's possession; National Committee Discussion
      A Membership Explosion
      • Political Affairs
      Some "dis-elected" delegates and cut-down districts would appeal for admission once in Cleveland. Minnesotans "went to Cleveland anyway in a last-ditch effort to speak out
      • Meanwhile, local conventions had assured a final delegate make-up mainly aligned against the Initiative. Jay Schaffner reminisced
      CPUSA Records, Box 157, Folder 35; National Review Commission members 1991, CPUSA Records, Box 173
        To Build Our Party -Rebuild Left and Intermediate Forms