From Craft to Corporate Interfacing: Rock Musicianship in the Age of Music Television and Computer-Programmed Music

  title={From Craft to Corporate Interfacing: Rock Musicianship in the Age of Music Television and Computer-Programmed Music},
  author={Christophe Den Tandt},
  journal={Popular Music and Society},
  pages={139 - 160}
John Shirley’s cyberpunk story “Freezone” describes a future in which leatherclad “rock classicist[s]” keep alive the traditions of 1960s and ’70s music (Shirley 142). These fundamentalists wage a losing battle against techno performers (“sexless . . . dancing mannequin[s]”) whose bodies are wired to software that turns stage antics directly into sound (145). The present article explores the real-life context of this cyberpunk story. I intend to show how the discourse of classic rock… 
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ion, but will bear fruit to the extent that ways are found to do justice to the contradictions of our society in an adequate confrontation of the theoretical and political problems which they pose.
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