From Colonialism to Denial of California Genocide to Misrepresentations

  title={From Colonialism to Denial of California Genocide to Misrepresentations},
  author={James V. Fenelon and Clifford E. Trafzer},
  journal={American Behavioral Scientist},
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Indigenous peoples’ complex analytical issues include historical misrepresentation, struggles over sovereignty and autonomy, and Euro-American “conquest” including invasion, genocide, culturicide, and coercive assimilation, ranging over half a millennium of invasion and colonization. Perhaps the most critically contentious of these issues is genocide. We review historical construction of racial formation and cultural domination, focus on California genocide of Native peoples, and present… 
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  • 2020
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Heizer and Almquist: The Other Californians: Prejudice and Discrimination under Spain, Mexico , and the United States to 1920 (second edition)
The Other Californians: Prejudice and Discrimination under Spain, Mexico, and the United States to 1920 (second edition). Robert F. Heizer and Alan F. Almquist. Berkeley: University of California
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