From Cloud to Fog and IoT-Based Real-Time U-Healthcare Monitoring for Smart Homes and Hospitals

  title={From Cloud to Fog and IoT-Based Real-Time U-Healthcare Monitoring for Smart Homes and Hospitals},
  author={C. Nandyala and Haeng-Kon Kim},
  journal={International Journal of Smart Home},
Healthcare in the past, decision making was merely based on doctor’s personal experience, domain knowledge, patient's physical signs and symptoms and diagnostic laboratory reports. In contrast, devices or things and technologies came into existence playing significant role and helps doctors or physicians to add wisdom to their decision in healthcare monitoring. Cloud paradigm stands as the backbone for on-demand network use of a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks… Expand
Fog Assisted-IoT Enabled Patient Health Monitoring in Smart Homes
Results depict that the proposed Bayesian belief network classifier-based model has high accuracy and response time in determining the state of an event when compared with other classification algorithms, which enhances the utility of the proposed system. Expand
Fog Computing for Smart Healthcare data Analytics: An Urgent Necessity
This paper has reviewed fog computing in the context of medical IoT while comparing it with cloud computing and has attempted to present the three-layer architecture of fog-based healthcare system containing: edge, fog and cloud. Expand
Enhanced Fog Assisted- IoT Based Enabled Patient Health Monitoring in Smart Homes
IoT generates an unprecedented quantity of knowledge that may be processed victimization cloud computing. Except for period of time remote health observance applications, the delay caused byExpand
Fog Computing in the Age of Big Healthcare Data: Powering the Medical Internet of Things
Fog computing for IoT-driven smart healthcare while comparing it with cloud computing is defined and an architecture of fog-based healthcare system containing three layers: edge, fog, and cloud is presented. Expand
Fog Assisted and IoT Based Real-Time Health Monitoring System Implementation
With the proliferation of IoT devices in medical healthcare systems, IoT based health-monitoring systems and applications have brought about a ground-breaking breakthrough in modern healthcareExpand
A Survey on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing for Healthcare
An in-depth review of IoT privacy and security issues, including potential threats, attack types, and security setups from a healthcare viewpoint is conducted and previous well-known security models to deal with security risks are analyzed. Expand
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The challenges in designing a better healthcare system to make early detection and diagnosis of diseases and the possible solutions while providing e-health services in secure manner are analyzed and possible future work guidelines are provided. Expand
Fog and Cloud Computing Assisted IoT Model Based Personal Emergency Monitoring and Diseases Prediction Services
Through the comparison of test results it was proved that the proposed emergency monitoring based on fog and cloud computing and the diseases prediction model based on big data analysis not only gain more of the rescue time than the traditional emergency treatment method, but they also accumulate lots of different personal healthcare related experience. Expand
Remote Pain Monitoring Using Fog Computing for e-Healthcare: An Efficient Architecture
The results of the simulations carried out in this research indicate that a reduction in both latency and network consumption can be achieved by adopting the proposed approach for implementing a remote pain monitoring system. Expand


Smart e-Health Gateway: Bringing intelligence to Internet-of-Things based ubiquitous healthcare systems
This paper exploits the strategic position of such gateways to offer several higher-level services such as local storage, real-time local data processing, embedded data mining, etc., proposing thus a Smart e-Health Gateway. Expand
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An overview of the Internet of Things with emphasis on enabling technologies, protocols, and application issues, and some of the key IoT challenges presented in the recent literature are provided and a summary of related research work is provided. Expand
Fog Computing: A Platform for Internet of Things and Analytics
This chapter proposes a hierarchical distributed architecture that extends from the edge of the network to the core nicknamed Fog Computing, and pays attention to a new dimension that IoT adds to Big Data and Analytics: a massively distributed number of sources at the edge. Expand
Finding your Way in the Fog: Towards a Comprehensive Definition of Fog Computing
A comprehensive definition of the fog is offered, comprehending technologies as diverse as cloud, sensor networks, peer-to-peer networks, network virtualisation functions or configuration management techniques. Expand
A view of cloud computing
Clearing the clouds away from the true potential and obstacles posed by this computing capability.
Internet of Things and Fog Computing
A new distributed and lightweight IDS based on an Artificial Immune System (AIS) that is distributed in a three-layered IoT structure including the cloud, fog and edge layers and takes advantage of a smart data concept to analyze the intrusion alerts. Expand
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  • 2012
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