From Book Censorship to Academic Peer Review

  title={From Book Censorship to Academic Peer Review},
  author={M. Biagioli},
  journal={Emergences: Journal for The Study of Media & Composite Cultures},
  • M. Biagioli
  • Published 2002
  • Sociology
  • Emergences: Journal for The Study of Media & Composite Cultures
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    Historia de las revistas científicas
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    Investigating journal peer review as scientific object of study
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    Prediction Markets for Science: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?
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    The evolution of peer review as a basis for scientific publication: directional selection towards a robust discipline?
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    How pre-publication journal peer review (re)produces ignorance at scientific and medical journals: a case study
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    Gender differences in grant peer review: A meta-analysis
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    Civil disobedience in scientific authorship: Resistance and insubordination in science
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    Cycles of invisibility: The limits of transparency in dealing with scientific misconduct.


    White House Asks Community to Oppose Earmark Projects
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    NIH Eyes Sweeping Reform of Peer Review
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