From Bazaar to Kibbutz: How Freedom Deals with Coherence in the Debian Project

  title={From Bazaar to Kibbutz: How Freedom Deals with Coherence in the Debian Project},
  author={Mattia Monga},
  booktitle={International Conference on Software Engineering},
  • Mattia Monga
  • Published in
    International Conference on…
    1 May 2004
  • Computer Science
The goal of obtaining a coherent distribution of software packages where all programs interact smoothly increases its complexity with the number of applications, the number of architectures involved, and the number of system configurations supported. The Debian project aims at producing a software system with thousands of components running on eleven different hardware architectures, with three different operating system kernels. This paper describes the project and how the work of hundreds of… 

Package Universes: Which Components Are Real Candidates?

Package universes is a component-distribution architecture based on explicitly managing the set of components visible at assembly time. The architecture is usable as is for a number of common

Volunteers in Large Libre Software Projects : A Quantitative Analysis Over Time

This chapter presents an analysis of the evolution over time of the human resources in large libre software projects, using the Debian project, one of the largest and most complex libreSoftware projects based mainly in voluntary work, as a case study.

Evolution of Volunteer Participation in Libre Software Projects: Evidence from Debian

This paper analyzes the evolution in time of the human resources of one of the largest and most complex libre software projects composed primarily of volunteers, the Debian project, studying how volunteer involvement has affected the software released by the project and the developer community itself.

Strengthening a curated web of trust in a geographically distributed project

A trust management scheme, derived from the horizontal and almost anarchic web of trust model, but following a curatorship step that allows it to become a centerpiece for authentication in Debian, one of the largest and longest lived free software projects and producer of the eponymous GNU/Linux software distribution.

The institutions of open source software: Examining the Debian community

Package Universes Architecture

  • Computer Science
  • 2006
Is a running prototype as for the Scala open-source programming language, where Scala is the programming language and Java is the language of choice.

Learning from nowhere, preliminary experiments

The strongholds of this ecosystem are described in terms of a unprecedented architecture of Internet of Things, an open source information infrastructure, a new networked intelligence paradigm and an innovative business model for the household appliances manufacturing and retailing.

The Impact of Social Netowrking on Software Design Quality and Development Effort in Open Source Projects

Empirical results support the hypotheses, indicating that centrality metrics are significant drivers of project success that should be monitored from the perspective of a project administrator or team manager, and prove that successful projects tend to have a significantly lower design quality of software.

Differences between Traditional and Open Source Development Activities

A systematic mapping study was conducted to find out which activities are part of the OSS development process, and found that software system design and implementation is modular and that anyone, developers or users, can make contributions, including designs and code.

An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Software Design Quality, Development Effort and Governance in Open Source Projects

Empirical evidence supports hypotheses and suggests that software quality, mainly measured as coupling and inheritance, does not increase development effort, but represents an important managerial variable to implement the more open governance approach that characterizes OS projects which, in turn, increases development effort.



The GNU manifesto

This project aims to supply, eventually, everything useful that normally comes with a Unix system, and more.

Two case studies of open source software development: Apache and Mozilla

This work examines data from two major open source projects, the Apache web server and the Mozilla browser, and quantifies aspects of developer participation, core team size, code ownership, productivity, defect density, and problem resolution intervals for these OSS projects.

The mythical man-month - essays on software engineering (2. ed.)

This book discusses Aristocracy, Democracy, and System Design, and the Mythical Man-Month after 20 years, which aims to answer the questions of why the Tower of Babel failed and how to prevent future collapses.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

The Debian manifesto

  • 1993

documents, are my own only responsibility

    Freestandards . org . Filesystem hierarchy standard

    • The Mythical Man - Month : Essays on Software Engineering

    The Debian constitution

    • 1998