From Af Abet to Shire: the defeat and demise of Ethiopia's ‘Red’ Army 1988–89

  title={From Af Abet to Shire: the defeat and demise of Ethiopia's ‘Red’ Army 1988–89},
  author={Gebru Tareke},
  journal={The Journal of Modern African Studies},
  pages={239 - 281}
  • G. Tareke
  • Published 12 May 2004
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Modern African Studies
Within a period of just a year during the late 1980s, the Ethiopian Revolutionary or ‘Red’ Army suffered serious defeat in both Eritrea and Tigray. Although numerically and technically superior to its opponents, dissension in the army's ranks, political meddling from Addis Ababa, loss of will, and the remarkable skill and determination of its opponents prevented it from achieving victory. Two years after its humiliating defeat in Tigray, the army collapsed, and the military regime it had… 
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  • 1989
2002:247–8) claims that the general was court-martialed on the basis of a report prepared by Kassaye Aragaw, the party’s regional secretary and former member of the Derg. I
  • 2002
247-8) claims that the general was court-martialed on the basis of a report prepared by Kassaye Aragaw, the party's regional secretary and former member of the Derg
  • 2002
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For background information on the EPLF and TPLF see Pool
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