From “Nouvelle-France” to “Francophonie canadienne”: a historical survey

  title={From “Nouvelle-France” to “Francophonie canadienne”: a historical survey},
  author={Gratien Allaire},
Abstract From the time when France settled New France in the seventeenth century to the present, the French-speaking population went from a majority in a French colony to a minority in an English-speaking country. It was at first located in three areas: Canada, Acadia, and Louisiana. It expanded from the St. Lawrence Valley and the province of Quebec to New England and in many areas of the other provinces of Canada. They brought with them their language, their culture, their institutions and… 
Francophone Minority Communities and Immigrant Integration in Canada: Rethinking the Normative Foundations
This paper addresses one particular feature of Canada's accommodation of diversity—the existence of French-language communities outside of Quebec and New Brunswick—to show how there continues to be
The Media in Canada
This chapter delves into the Canadian context by providing a historical overview of language in Canada and tracing Canadian media from its more traditional forms (e.g. newspapers, public broadcaster)
23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Shaping Offical Language Minority Communities Educational Rights : A Case Study of the Francophone Minority Community in Alberta
  • Law
  • 2017
The issue of Official Language Minority Community (OLMC) educational rights in Canada is one that has been hotly debated over the past half century. Is the provision of rights guaranteed under
Official Language Policies of the Canadian Provinces Costs and Benefits in 2006
Edmund A. Aunger "Official Language Policies of the Canadian Provinces: Costs and Benefits in 2006, Vaillancourt, François, Olivier Coche, Marc Antoine Cadieux, and Jamie Lee Ronson (2012).
Health Services for Linguistic Minorities in a Bilingual Setting
The challenges faced by bilingual health and social services professionals in a Canadian bilingual setting, as well as the strategies used to overcome them are explored.
Accueillir le majoritaire dans l’institution de la minorité ?
Une minorite peut chercher a manifester sa legitimite en s’affirmant et en luttant pour sa reconnaissance. C’est ainsi que la minorite francophone a livre bataille pour des ecoles de langue
Agir pour avoir accès à des services sociaux et de santé en français : des Francophones en situation minoritaire nous enseignent quoi faire!
Meme si les droits des francophones de l’Ontario sont garantis par la Loi de 1986 sur les services en francais, l’acces a des services sociaux et de sante en francais dans cette province s’avere


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