From ‘populist moment’ to authoritarian era: challenges, dangers, possibilities

  title={From ‘populist moment’ to authoritarian era: challenges, dangers, possibilities},
  author={Marc Edelman},
  journal={The Journal of Peasant Studies},
  pages={1418 - 1444}
  • M. Edelman
  • Published 31 August 2020
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Peasant Studies
ABSTRACT This essay, inspired by the huge outpouring of research generated in and around the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative, reflects on the challenges of analysing authoritarian populism and particularly its rural expressions. The paper first examines key features of authoritarian populism and early populist movements in the Americas and Russia. Then it turns to ‘illiberal’ neoliberalism and the origins of neoliberalism under brutal dictatorial regimes in Indonesia and Chile. The paper… 
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This paper offers a conceptualization of sovereigntism as a political phenomenon that deconstructs the political system of a state or empire. Analysis of the evolution and genesis of sovereignty has


Authoritarian populism and neo-extractivism in Bolivia and Ecuador: the unresolved agrarian question and the prospects for food sovereignty as counter-hegemony
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  • Political Science
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ABSTRACT The new economic flows ushered in across the South by the rise of China in particular have permitted some to circumvent the imperial debt trap, notably the ‘pink tide’ states of Latin
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Authoritarianism, Populism, and the Environment: Comparative Experiences, Insights, and Perspectives
  • J. Mccarthy
  • Political Science
    Annals of the American Association of Geographers
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Recent years have seen the widespread rise of authoritarian leaders and populist politics around the world, a development of intense political concern. This special issue of the Annals explores the
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A new political moment is underway. Although there are significant differences in how this is constituted in different places, one manifestation of the new moment is the rise of distinct forms of
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Agrarian social movements: The absurdly difficult but not impossible agenda of defeating right‐wing populism and exploring a socialist future
  • S. Borras
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Journal of Agrarian Change
  • 2019
textabstractParallels, resemblances, and interconnections between contemporary right‐wing populism and the populism of agrarian movements are examined in this essay. The two are partly linked through